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Tue, May 04



Your voice!

The Alexander Technique in the service of free breathing, the spoken and sung voice, privately and in front of an audience. Online course every second Tuesday 11 a.m. - 12 p.m., (with summer break) May 4th to October 12th

Each course date can be booked individually
by email or by phone
Your voice!
Your voice!

Zeit & Ort

May 04, 2021, 11:00 AM


Über die Veranstaltung

The Alexander Technique in the service of free breathing, the spoken and sung voice, privately and in front of an audience.

Every musician tunes their instrument before playing so that it sounds good. The same applies to singers or speakers whose instrument is their own body.

Many prominent artists such as Paul McCartney, Sting, Juliette Binoche...appreciate the approach of the actor FM Alexanders because he

  • creates the conditions for the best possible sound, free of tension and rich in expressive nuances
  • not only helps to say/sing words, but to convey messages that convince and touch

In this 10-part online course, we look at key elements to:

  • permeable erection: good posture without holding
  • interference-free vocal tools such as tongue, jaw, lips, throat
  • good breath management
  • clear articulation - with mouth, body and soul
  • Tamed stage fright - expression without pressure even under pressure

The course is aimed at anyone who

  • have a vote
  • are interested in a holistic approach to expanding their vocal potential
  • would like to get an impression of how working on the voice lays out a red carpet for our personal development,
  • who want to experience how fundamentally free breath and a free voice promote health and emotional well-being - especially in "masked" times


10 weekly lessons every 2ndTuesday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.mOn-line.

Speaker: Célia Jurdant (

Registration and

Start: Tuesday May 4th, 2021

End: Tuesday October 12, 2021

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 11 a.m. Please arrive 10 minutes early if you are taking an online course for the first time to familiarize yourself with the online connection.

Price per session: €17

Package price for the entire course: €140

All registered participants have access to the video recording of the individual course dates on our website. The videos can be viewed as often as you like in the event of missed appointments or to deepen your knowledge.

Program from the 1st round Your vote!:Round an advanced and partly modified version of this program,

with new items.

Course concept: The first 35 minutes of group exercise, anatomical elements of the speaker/singer, 15 minutes of individual coaching, 10 minutes of the hour's distillation.

Access to all the 1st round courses is available at an additional cost of 70€.

 Course 1:Tonus comes from sound, good muscle tone makes good sound - regulate too much/too little body tension: constructive resting on the floor under guidance, correct breathing through the nose, the body's own mechanism for generating tones without effort.

Course 2:The fundamental importance of the dynamic head-neck-body relationship for good form. exercises. Demonstration with volunteers possible.

course 3: The "whispered Ah" - Alexander's exercise to free the voice from harmful habits. Volume modulation - speak or sing loudly/softly without tiring your voice.

Course 4:The "whispered Ah" - exercise from whisper to sound, exploring the different vowels, their placement, their peculiarity

course 5: Differentiation of tongue, jaw, head and lips for more clarity when articulating. Each tuning tool has its role to play.

Course 6:Articulation - how consonants "surf" the breath.

Course 7:practical use: speaking a text, reciting a poem, reading aloud - with the whole body. 15 minute demonstration with a volunteer. Individual feedback.*

 Course 8:Work on the example you have chosen yourself - spoken lecture, read text, sung piece. Individual demonstration *

Course 9:Dealing with stage fright. Repetition, deepening, demonstration.*

Course 10:Repetition, integration and practical application: speech, lecture, singing in front of an audience. Individual feedback

* Demonstration: Volunteers receive individual feedback from me. As in the master classes in singing lessons, everyone benefits!


  • 1 hour

    Kurs 1

  • 1 hour

    Kurs 2

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