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I have been teaching the Alexander Technique for twenty years for people from all straits of life - musicians, singers and choir directors as well as office workers and managers, in Germany, France and England as well as in Japan and the USA. For ten years I served as the coordinator of the Alexander Alliance Germany, a training school for Alexander teachers, and now I offer a teacher training in Strasbourg, France.


Singing brought me to the Alexander Technique after I studied classical singing and the harp at the Strasbourg conservatory. Working with musicians and with voice are my special passions. I experience the voice - for singers as well as for any speaker as a mirror of personality and a powerful gateway to personal growth.


Other practices that influence my teaching include Yoga, Meditation, Craniosacral Therapy, Family Constellation, Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness, the Bates method, Kristin Linklater voice work, Argentine Tango.


Words used to be my primary way to inform and educate, as a historian, journalist and science writer. Training at the Alexander Alliance between 2011-2015 gave me another medium through which to teach and another passion: exploring how movement is our mother tongue and how the body knows the mind.


Trying to better understand what makes F.M. Alexander’s work unique led me to study neighbouring somatic fields such as Rolfing, Yoga, Mindfulness training, Bartenieff Fundamentals, the Feldenkrais Method, Body Mind Centering among others. It all brought me back and it all somehow informs my teaching of the Alexander Technique, which to me is unmatched in bringing consciousness into our actions and to change deeply ingrained habits that rule us - not just in movements but also in more intellectual activities and all kind of situations in my life.

"Thank you for this delightful day in your company. That was really good for me. I especially appreciated this combination of theory and practice and your serenity. You talked and I almost forgot you were teaching. It felt like an exchange. Nevertheless and imperceptibly I learned fundamental things about me, my body and how to move." 

Corinne Eichinger

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