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for F.M. Alexander's work


The Alexander Technique allows you to „unlearn“ excessive tension and reactivate what is disabled underneath: your body’s natural design, an active source of grace, ease and vitality which gives you a lively, springy structure and access to postural reflexes that minimize your effort when you stand, sit or move in other ways.

Consciously not interfering with your design promotes abundant benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing, for the quality of your actions and how you live your life in general.

In fact, the Alexander Technique is a method for life. It is meant to be applied in the movements, activities, situations of your life - not before or after you do something but while you do it. For example, it is not stretching, strengthening or relaxing muscles or doing some form of exercise, but you will get better results in your exercises when you apply it. 

Here are some more benefits:


Be more comfortable because tense as well as flacid muscles throughout the body get a healthier, lively tone


Have more energy - by getting rid of excessive tensions that drain you


Improve overall functioning of your body systems: bones, joints, breathing, vision, equilibrium, digestion, circulation, nervous system, mood


In consequence experience improvement in tension related ailments like back pain, joint degeneration - plus: unlearn subconscious behaviors that are at the root of your symptoms 


Refine any skill you need in your life (Speaking, playing instruments, running...)



Have a quieter mind and be more alert, aware and awake



Build more resilience against internal and outside pressures



Wake up your body to develop a deeper connection to yourself and therefore to others



Be perceived more beautiful, graceful, expressive in your movements (and your skin)



Learn to age well

Undo harmful habits before they express in symptoms and tap into the vitality that comes with restoring the workings of your true design

I've experienced the Alexander Technique as a gentle and powerful support with a lasting effects. In my everyday life it comes to my mind in all kinds of situations and lets me experience inner and outer movements differently. A different perspective and thus new opportunities. It becomes easier, more joyful, more poised. I get in touch with the life force that carries and guides me.


Anna A.

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