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I've experienced the Alexander Technique as a gentle and powerful support with a lasting effects. In my everyday life it comes to my mind in all kinds of situations and lets me experience inner and outer movements differently. A different perspective and thus new opportunities. It becomes easier, more joyful, more poised. I get in touch with the life force that carries and guides me.


Anna A.


In Cologne:
Scheffelstrasse 24, 50935 Cologne

Domstrasse 41, 50668 Cologne


In Strasbourg:

Foyer Ste Madeleine, 1b, rue du Fossé des Orphelins au 67000 Strasbourg


Online sessions via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp ...




Alexander Technique can be learned using any kind of movement, activity or situation. You will  get  instructions verbally and with our hands. In the lessons you will learn useful body knowledge: how is your body organized  move easily and can you stop unwillingly interfering with your design.  More and more you will learn to bring this practical knowledge to your actions and to your life.


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