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a four year training program to become an Alexander teacher designed for the needs of working people

The teacher training gives you the tools and know-how to teach the Alexander Technique effectively. At the same time, the four-year program is the most intensive way to explore and experience the depths of Alexander's work. Firstly, because in order to teach Alexander's work well you need to embody it. And secondly you learn best what you teach. The Teacher training therefore opens the door to a lifelong field of research. The more the work transforms you, the more potential your teaching will have to transform your students.

In the training you will learn:


  • how to teach the Alexander Technique individually as well as in groups

  • how to teach directly in activities and situations of everyday and professional life

  • innovative pedagogy to make tailor-made offerings for different target groups  

  • The art of touch - how to "speak" not only verbally but also with your hands

  • How to build a successful practice as an Alexander teacher



What does Alexander Technique do to you?

What participants say after a summer retreat

Teacher Training 

includes every year for 4 years:

  • 2 x BODY 101 group classes online per month (18/ year)

  • 2 x individual lessons per month (18/ year)

  • 3 x 3-day retreats (spring, autumn, winter)

  • 8-day summer retreat


Two retreats with the Alexander Alliance 


Various retreat centers in Alsace and (mostly western) Germany, individual lessons in Cologne and Strasbourg.


48 x 460€ / month

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"We are constantly invited to be creative, curious, to be awake, attentive to ourselves, others, our environment and the realm of miracles and simple joys. I feel as if I have stepped across the threshold into a completely new universe. "

Irène Schlumberger, France

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