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I have back

Alexander Technique - the missing piece of the puzzle for pain and discomfort


Advantages of 

Immediate help that feels like a spa, not a hospital.

How does it feel in your own body without unnecessary muscle tension and painful complications? We show this precisely and clearly through instruction with words and a specially trained touch.



Help for self-help - I can do something myself to "unlearn" complaints

I learn to recognize my misalignments and harmful stress patterns and how this promotes complaints in the back, shoulders, neck, hips, knees and other parts of the body. And I learn how to do it better with concrete examples from my life.



I don't necessarily need to do extra exercises. 

My everyday life is my practice field - for example how I stand, walk, sit, see, speak, cook, clean, do sports, work on the computer. I can train with every movement, action and situation in my life.


Instead of back I have  noticeably and visibly more vitality,enjoyment of life  and quality of life.

A large study showed almost 90 percent fewer days of pain after the Alexander Technique and that too one year after the training.


Now   tackle back problems

and experience how noticeably and visibly more

Joie de vivre, vitality and quality of life

possible ist ?

We are currently offering a limited number of 15 minute introductory sessions free of charge. Fill out the form now and request an appointment!

Scheffelstrasse 24, Cologne

Domstrasse 41, Cologne

Phone: 0221 - 400 22 83

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