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 August 12th to 19th, 2024, La Bresse, France


8 days of Alexander in Alsace


This August we invite you to the idyllic retreat center Au Chant de la Source (Where the source is singing) in Alsace to immerse yourself deeply into the work of F.M. Alexander, to learn tapping into your deeper source of vitality.

There are places in nature, far from the city bustle, that encourage homecoming. How would it be if this return were accessible at any moment of our daily lives? In the heat of the action or in a challenging situation I still heard it's song? What if our actions and words flowed naturally?

The song of the source, as far as we are concerned, is when we are "well in our pumps", when we "keep a cool head" and a open heart. It’s when we are poised, anchored, at ease, open.

The Alexander Technique will be our divining rod. It is a tool for body awareness that allows you to get rid of automatisms and the excessive tensions they create. When the head-body dynamics (the source) remains free, it promotes good coordination, it makes us more whole and connected, solid and flexible, down-to-earth and light.

Whether you are on foot or by bike, at the computer, at the table, on the stairs, in the kitchen, in the garden, with colleagues, the chef, the spouse, the parent ... any activity and situation is also a reminder to return to the source to access freedom, vitality and ease.

Célia will be the lead teacher of the summer retreat. She and a team of supporting Alexander teachers will take care of the well-being of each participant.


Classes are taught in French and German, with translation into French, German and English.

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"We are constantly invited to be creative, curious, to be awake, attentive to ourselves, others, our environment and the realm of miracles and simple joys. I feel as if I have stepped across the threshold into a completely new universe. "

Irène Schlumberger, France,

after a summer retreat 

"It's touching to see how people from two cultures have the same human experiences regardless their language. We are all human beings. There is a connection beyond language and yet, it was nice to hear the French language with its wonderful sound, to experience the other mentality. The days in Alsace had something very connecting and healing for me on different levels. "


Anna Amedick, summer rete 2018



Monday, August 13th, 2024, 5:30 p.m. to
Monday, August 19th, 2024, 2.p.m.

8 days with 35 hours of class


Tuition: € 750 if you register by March 15, 2024, € 850 after that

Room & board, including three meals a day:

63 € triple room, 70 € double room, 81 € single room

12 € surcharge for rooms with private bath, 10 € surcharge for sheets and towels


Au Chant de la Source

22 Route de la Basse des Feignes,

88250 La Bresse, France







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