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a one year training program

What I do with myself profoundly impacts the quality of what I am able to do and what I am able do for others.


My ability to listen to myself influences the way I listen to others. How I manage myself affects how I manage others. How I use myself as my own instrument determines the results I get working with other instruments. 


The one year training offers the time and space to explore more in depth how F.M. Alexander's work can change everyday and professional life using primarily movements, activities or situations from participant's personal context for learning.

Who will benefit from the program

Anyone who looks for new ideas, tools, ways to enhance his or her personal and/ or professional development, especially people with a background in: 

  • performing arts (musicians, singers, dancers, actors ...)

  • Teaching professions (music teachers, singing teachers, yoga teachers, educators, coaches ...)

  • Helping professions (physical or psychotherapists, doctors, social workers, pastors ...)

  • Leading, negotiating, presenting, communicating professions

  • Touching professions (masseurs, body workers, "hand" workers ...)


If you want to find out more about how the Alexander Technique can change your (professional) life, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What does Alexander Technique do to you?

What participants say after a summer retreat

Practical information


  • Group classes twice a month in Cologne: once a month on Friday evening and on Saturday with Célia (8.5 hours) and once a month on Friday evening (3 hours) with Hendrik

  • Individual lessons (30 min) twice a month in Cologne

  • Two long weekends in Strasbourg

  • A 6-day summer retreat (probably in Alsace in July 2022)


Come and visit us to find out what the training feels like. Once a month every Saturday we open our doors. 


Praxis Marika Rudolph
Domstraße 41, 50668 Cologne

(nähe Hauptbahnhof)

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